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Arabic Teaching

We organize special academic programs and courses suit aspirants of Arabic language and literature learners. We have long experience and needed skills to teach Arabic language matching well-advanced methodology utilised at renown world universities and institutes. Our Arabic-teaching skills commenced way before receiving the M.A. Award in Applied Linguistics from the University of NSW in 1996. A few years later, our services were recruited by the very same University to teach Arabic at its Institute of Languages. We also provide training for Arabic DTP.

Which Arabic?

Modern Standard Arabic (Fos-ha)

Modern Standard Arabic is understood by every educated Arab in the Arab World. We offer a course " Easy Access Arabic" in which you learn to read and write the alphabet together with scores of words and basic grammatical structures. It is not the grammar of Fos-ha but its wealth of vocabulary that puzzles Westerners. Therefore we offer courses in speaking, reading & writing Arabic to break the Arabic language barriers and overcome the complexity of any Arabic obstacles the learner usually enconters. Our aim is to put Arabic Fos-ha into easy practice and help non-Arab speaking background people (NASB) understand and communicate in Arabic in a very noted short-time.